5 Affordable Design Tips to Use With Your Outdoor Furniture

Whether it is a place to dine, or to relax, the first step to design and outdoor space would be to head to an outdoor furniture manufacturer, supplier or store and pick the products that suit you the most. Then, put a specific plan to design your outdoor space to offer your guests a better experience. Even if your garden, patio or balcony is narrow, you can still fit small outdoor dining or living sets.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to optimize your outdoor living or dining place. Here are 5 affordable and easy design tips that can help you plan your garden, patio or balcony.

Use Bright colorful Cushions

You can either make a base of neutrals, and use few colorful cushions for a small amount of contrast or you can go bold with colors and cover the outdoor space with colorful cushion for more excitement.

Get some fragrant plants

If you have a large garden you can make it a fragrant oasis. You can include lemon trees, jasmine, roses, or other aromatic plants to make the garden incredibly fragrant. If you have a small space you can still make it magical by using fragrant plants like Lavender, Honeysuckle and mint.

Light it up

Lights give a relaxing touch to your patio or garden. You can use string lights, colorful Moroccan lights or Ceramic lights that will better reflect your outdoor furniture. You can also go environmental by using candles instead of lights. Go overboard with them for a more intimate and romantic experience. To make the visuals more interesting, use varying candlestick heights.

Dress Up your Outdoor Table

If you have beautiful wooden dining set, place some items that will make a difference on your table such as linen napkins, candlelight, jasmine and stylish tableware. But if you choose a weathered resistant material like aluminum or rattan outdoor furniture, placing stylish linen covers can completely change your dining table. But if you are on a tight budget, use a simple red checker box table cloth for a more charming vibe. It’s difficult to go wrong with this choice.

Use handmade items

For a simple and cozy design, it would be a nice and easy idea to decorate your outdoor space with handmade items. Of course it all depends on the theme you are planning to project, but a handmade wooden cage, for example, can be a good addition.

In conclusion, when designing your garden or balcony, don’t only focus on the outdoor furniture to install. Spice up your outdoor dining or living set by surrounding them with interesting decoration. Be careful not to overdo it as it can ruin the mood and theme of your outdoor space. Those tips can also be applied to design outdoor furniture for hotels and restaurants.

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